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Monday, October 19, 2009

Even more flexibility for company accounts

Now it's easier than ever to manage the company account for your group:

  • Edit individual member profiles
  • Customise the policy setting for each user
  • See full audit trails/history across the group
  • Set up new users and manage their access and permissions in fewr clicks with more control

Try it out now.

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Monday, September 7, 2009

Sosius at your fingertips via email

Our completely re-written notification system ensures you can keep up with your group even when you can't get to a browser:

Email notifications now...

  • show task details
  • display tables entries
  • show the last 3 comments with user details and mailback
  • use relevant custom interface skins
  • group actions by workspace with icons and links to updates

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Friday, August 21, 2009

Blackberry Apps

We've build a number of custom Blackberry® applications including 'Knowledge Base' and 'Business Continuity' which (in conjunction with your Sosius databases) give you access to the information you need on the move.

For further info or for your own custom Blackberry® application email us.

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Company Management Dashboard

This is an enterprise feature of our product that we are now making available to all types of 'Business' accounts on Sosius. The company management dashboard (My Account > Employee Management) allows you to secure users and manage their accounts from one centralized location.

Company Managment Dashboard

Some of the features include

Password Strength - Set Members password strength

Max Password Age - Member must change password every x days.

Restrict Workspace - Members do not have their own personal workspace and are unable to create their own groups. When a member clicks on workspace or groups, they are automatically directed to the company workspace or groups page.

Restrict Networking - Members can only perform network searches on other members in the Company group. Members can only network with other members in the Company Group. Members cannot invite other members into Sosius.

Opt-out of Marketing - Members of the Company Group do not receive Sosius Marketing emails. This includes getting started tips and newsletters.

Force SSL - Anyone browsing your workspace is forced to use SSL, they are redirected if required.

Permissions checker - Search for any member across all your workspaces and change their permissions in one click or remove from all groups and workspace in the company account.
Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New iCal syncing now bi-directional

Have you tried out our iCal syncing feature in our calendars? It's really cool you can use the calendars iCal link to sync your Sosius events with MS Outlook or other desktop calendars. However now we have taken this a step further by including the ability to sync a Sosius calendar with iCal streams from other internet or desktop calendars. You can now keep your google calendar, and events services all in one master calendar on Sosius which in turn can be sync'd with your Outlook. This is great for groups, imagine if you were a Chelsea Football club supporter you could import the club's entire season into a calendar you share with the Chelsea supporters group.

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Monday, June 1, 2009

Share your Sosius files and more on Twitter

At Sosius we are big fans of Twitter, so we started to think wouldn't it be great if every time we posted a new blog entry or answered a help center question Sosius would automatically update our twitter account with the details. Using our open API services architecture (which allows developers to integrate third party applications or services within Sosius) we built a service to do just that.

Twitter homepage

Today we're really excited to release into beta the new Sosius service 'Post to Twitter'. Once added to your Sosius account this service will post a tweet to your twitter account with a link to any files, events, polls, etc.. you create that are publicly available.

Follow these steps to setup twitter posting on Sosius.

1. Sign into Sosius
2. Go to ‘My Account’ and scroll down to the ‘Services’ section and click on ‘All Services’.
3. On the ‘All Services’ page add the ‘Post to Twitter’ service.
4. Authenticate with your twitter account.
5. Now create a folder in your workspace, and in the sharing panel click ‘Manage’.
6. On the manage permissions page click the ‘Add Public’ button and then scroll down and give public ‘view’ permissions.
7. Now anytime you create new content in this folder Sosius will automatically post a tweet with a link to the item.

We welcome all comments and feedback.
Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Releasing Sosius Visualization Technology

We're very proud to announce the release of our new visualization technology, Sosius Visualization was created in direct response to feedback from our clients who want "at-a-glance" progress and status reports on their large amounts of data stored on Sosius.

The new Sosius Visualization application is an innovative technology based on fractal maps that allows executives, managers, workspace participants and others to view project progress with one easy mouse click. The graphic, or “visualization,” is color-coded and reveals patterns, trends and oddities on any given project within the Sosius workspace. Parameters are set by project managers or may be customized by Sosius technicians.

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Monday, February 23, 2009

Sosius wins place on DTI sponsored Web Mission '09


Web Misson 09

Today, we've received some great news. Sosius has been selected for Web Mission '09. This coveted title is only bestowed upon 20 UK Web 2.0 companies each year. As winners, we'll be heading to San Francisco from March 28th - April 3rd to exhibit our product. We're excited about the opportunity and look forward to representing our loyal customers. We're grateful for your continued support! 

Web Mission ’09 is sponsored by UK Trade & Investment, Orrick, Oracle, and TechCrunch

For more information about Web Mission 2009, click here, or the official announcement, click here.


Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Thursday, February 19, 2009

Calendar and Events upgraded

Based on feedback from our community, we've made some significant changes to the calendars and events on Sosius.  

Week View

Both features underwent a major graphical update, featuring completely new user interfaces.  These updates will make it substantially easier to create new events and view and organise existing ones.


Among the new features available include:

- Members and guests of an event can now see the guest list, invite others into the event, and edit details of the event. Members can also add themselves as guests of an event hosted by friends and colleagues in their network.

- Maps to the events are available to those who add a event location. Registered users can also retrieve directions starting from your address registered with your Sosius account.

- iCalendar synchronization is now available for Calendar items and the Events widget to keep your desktop calendar in sync with your events on Sosius. To use this feature and for further details, click the Sync button on a Sosius calendar or the Events widget on your Dashboard.

Let us know what you think. 


Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Monday, February 2, 2009

Embedded Multimedia

For the many of you who have been begging for this feature, I am happy to announce that you can now embed multimedia content, such as flash videos and MP3 files, into your Sosius HTML pages.  Thanks to our brilliant developers J, we’ve found a way to bring you this highly-requested feature without sacrificing our world-class security standards.  We provide custom tags (<sosius:video ... /> and <sosius:audio ... />) allowing you to create richer HTML pages.  For added security, we automatically strip any harmful HTML code from all pages created on Sosius.

Embedded Multimedia

Learn more about how you can create multimedia HTML pages.

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb

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