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Introducing Web Folders

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I'm very excited to announce Sosius now supports Web Folders. The new Web Folders feature, which is is based on WebDAV allows you to have your files and folders appear in a network drive. To put it simply, it mimics the behavior of an external hard drive and ultimately integrates Sosius as a part of your computer.

The Benefits

  • Manage your files
  • The Web Folders eliminates the need for a browser to manage your files and folders stored in Sosius. Copy, Rename, Cut, Move, Paste and delete, just like you would do it on your local computer.

  • Use your favorite software
  • Seeing as you now have your Sosius content as a Networked Drive, you can use your local software to edit files. The Open, Save and Save As options in all applications will allow you to directly reach or place files in Sosius. Save your documents using Microsoft Word directly to Sosius. Edit existing spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel. And that's not all, other handy features you might be used to are available as well: Mac OSX's Quick Look works, as well as the preview pane in Windows 7.

  • File transfer
  • The Web Folders takes the sting out of transferring data. Upload and download folders, folders including subfolders and selections of files. Use the copy/paste dialog or simply drag and drop them using your file-manager.

  • Resume transfers
  • Transferring files using Web Folders supports resuming on advanced clients. This means that if you are disconnected from your wireless when you have uploaded 50mb of a 100mb file, you do not have to upload the entire file again, only the remaining 50mb.

  • Versioning
  • The Web Folders supports Versioning. You will always have the latest version available to you in the Web Folders. Uploading new version will automatically put the older one into the versions-list, available in the Web Interface.

  • Permissions
  • The Web Folders supports the Permissions applied in the Web Interface, meaning that you will have access to the same files, with the same permissions as defined in the service, and nothing else.

  • Create Shortcuts
  • You can create shortcuts to any item in your Web Folders. Place shortcuts to your active project on your Desktop for quick and easy access.

  • Multi-OS Support
  • WebDAV is a common protocol, and most modern operating systems support it natively. This includes Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX and Linux. It is simply a matter of enabling these features and setting them up with your username and password. In addition there is a number of dedicated WebDAV clients which you can use with the Web Folders for more advanced functionality.

    Learn how to set up Web Folders on your computer.