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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Innovation Board Application

Accelerate Innovation and stay ahead of your competitors with the Sosius Innovation Board application. The Innovation Board offers the ideal solution for managing ideas by creating an open line of communication between you and your network. Use the Innovation Board to crowd source ideas which underline the most important enhancements to be made to your service. Give feedback on ideas posted by the members in your network in the form of votes and comments. All votes, comments and ideas posted are added to leaderboards, giving you the ability to reward members continually uploading good ideas and fully utilizing the innovation process. See what else the Innovation Board has to offer in the Innovation Board Overview video seen below.

Visit the Sosius App Store to download the application now!

Posted by chris.james
Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sosius CRM Demonstration

Using Sosius' Database functionality we have created a simple CRM solution equipped to handle customer and sales data. This solution combines the power of Sosius database functionality to allow for easy data entry and using the 'get external data' function in Excel provides a dynamic real time report for your sales team and managers. For more information please watch the demo.

To watch the demo video please click here: CRM Overview 

You can download this demo from the Sosius app store:  Sosius App Store

We can help you further customise these databases to reflect your unique business requirements. please contact for further details.

Posted by chris.james
Friday, January 10, 2014

Updated Help Center

We are pleased to announce that we have made some improvements to our help center and introduced some new Self Service features to guide you through the most commonly asked support queries. These improvements include: An updated version of FAQ's to answer the most commonly asked questions, step by step tutorials to aid you in the production of your projects so you can get the most out of the Sosius platform as well as Improvements to our Support forum which puts you in direct contact with our support team to help with any issues or questions you may have.

Introducing the new Ideas Forum allowing you to post your Suggestions and ideas on how we can improve the Sosius Platform to better suit your needs giving you a say in the platforms operation.

Help Center Updates

Getting Started Guides: Introduction to the Core features of Sosius including how to set up your Sosius account and get started using the platform including how to add contacts, upload Items to your Workspaces and share content with other Sosius Members.

FAQ's: Updated FAQ's and answers as well as a new Design. Including links to Tutorials to help answer questions you may have, or problems you may be experiencing

Tutorials: A number of Tutorials taking you through how to get the most out of Sosius and how to set up and use various features within the platform.

Support Forum: Creating a direct line of communication to our support team so they can answer any questions you may have or any issues you may be experiencing to create a community based support forum.

Ideas Forum: Post your ideas on how to improve the Sosius Platform to suit your needs. it doesn't matter how big or how small the idea, everyone is welcome to make a suggestion and every idea is a good idea!

New Help Center

Posted by chris.james
Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sosius Innovation application drives more marketplace interest

With MobileGroove, Cloud Computing Journal and many more; Sosius Innovation application is stimulating the collaboration platform marketplace. Companies seeking ways to effectively collaborate, empowering employees, investors, partners and customers to easily share knowledge, ideas and content with one another; it’s an essential application to stay one step ahead of the competition. With 10 x increase in engagement, better collaboration equals innovation, and faster problem solving driving revenue. Read more

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Thursday, June 20, 2013

From Business Week to IT Director, the market is excited about Sosius Innovation application

After last week's launch of our Innovation application we are really pleased with the markets response including coverage from Business Week, Wireless Business and Technology, IT Director, Cloud Computing and many more; our goal to our encourage a new way of working by bringing people together, getting closer to customers and partners, sparking new ideas and accelerating innovation is really resonating with the market. Refer and Collaborate to Win an iPad

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Harness your company’s imagination with the new Sosius Innovation application

Treating people as individuals, getting closer to customers and partnering to accelerate innovation are the underlying principles of Open Innovation 2.0 embodied in the Innovation application launched today by Sosius, a leading online collaboration and team workspace platform for SMEs and enterprises. The release is the first in a series of advanced applications designed to help businesses quickly address their most pressing social business needs.

The Sosius Innovation application provides everything you need out-of-the‐box to engage your entire community, including employees, investors, partners and customers, to identity the most important enhancements to your service. By empowering individual spirit for team growth nd recognizing your most engaged contributors you gain a critical advantage in your efforts to stay one step ahead of the competition. Read more

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Thursday, May 23, 2013

Maximising the contribution of higher education to society and the economy

As the representative body for seven universities, the IUA ensures that over 200 senior managers from University Presidents to librarians, the research community, communications officers, International managers, registrars, HR directors, Deans and many more groups across all university life can stay connected.

The IUA required an extranet solution that could pull all archived and current data into a central location, allow access to all IUA members from all university locations, ensure mobile access whilst travelling abroad, allowing government agencies and contractors to be invited into the system for ad hoc projects and ensure that all documentation would be easy for everyone to download, and if required make and track changes as a collaborative group.

The primary concern was making life easier for its members; by providing a well organised platform that everyone could use, it would ensure their continued reputation as facilitators for collaborative work.

By having a collaboration platform in place, the IUA has more control, tighter security policies in place and they have seen a lightened load on the administration team. With one central extranet repository there is a noticeable reduction in documentation going missing, easy-to-find archived and current information and materials and enhanced productivity and member satisfaction.

Read more about how Sosius helped IUA at

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Friday, May 17, 2013

Database enhancement - Boost sales and get more out of your workflow

The database application on SOSIUS has been upgraded with great new features to help you get more out of your workflow.

Database enhancements

  • Link database entries using our new ‘Link to Item’ column type
  • New filter tools mean you can get to information you want in seconds
  • Drag a file onto a database entry to attached it to that record
  • Define the relationships of you databases with the new database ‘type’ feature
  • Improved layout for editing entries
  • Move entries between databases using our workflow

#Database enhancement – Boost sales and get more out of your #workflow. Find out more at

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Thursday, May 9, 2013

Improving reporting capabilities

Enhance performance and productivity, by ensuring employees get information quickly. Access data to make informed decisions by having a collaboration platform that helps you assess and improve internal processes through improved reporting capability.


  • date standard improvements
  • remote access to reports
  • new reporting export options
  • new table layout summary
  • improved filtering

Improving reporting capabilities, enhance performance and productivity. Check out more features at

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sosius helps TEG ensure the way forward with organic waste

The TEG Group plc is a specialist green technology company offering tailored organic waste solutions throughout the UK.

Sosius provides a collaboration platform that is at the same time easy-to-use and flexible enough to deliver the demands of both the Design and Build sides of TEG’s business. Enterprise standard access management, real-time notifications and mobile compatibility ensure that all the right information is at all the right participants’ fingertips at the right time whether they are in the office or onsite.

Having used a generic version of the Sosius platform for several years, TEG decided to produce a custom application to meet the specific needs of their Design and Build teams for a new project in Dagenham. Ubiquitous access to the design information immediately made the tender process more efficient, and improved the effectiveness of all onsite contractors. Calls to TEG Head Office in Preston have been dramatically reduced and long on-site delays have been eradicated.

Read more about how Sosius helped TEG at

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb

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