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We're Out of Beta!

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Today is a very exciting day here at Sosius. We are officially out of beta! Since our launch at Web 2.0 last September, we have made some major upgrades to the service - including our API, ExpertFinder, Import Contacts, Group Dashboard and Tags - and grown our member base to well over 10,000 users. We are now ready to bring a new era of enterprise-grade collaboration and business social networking tools to small and medium-sized organizations, teams, groups and individuals.

Starting today, all Sosius users have the option to upgrade their accounts with additional storage and bandwidth, SSL and other premium features. Our bundled packages and custom "a la carte" features menu provides an easy and flexible way for users to customize Sosius to meet their business needs.

As always, we are committed to making Sosius available to everyone. So, we will continue to offer a fully-functional free version of Sosius, with 200MB of storage and an unlimited number of users and workspaces.