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Developer documentation for Services.

What are Services

Services provide a way for you, the developer, to integrate code you have written into the Sosius application. Once a service has been set up, user can click on a button in the Sosius app which will launch your code in a new window. You are then able to use the Sosius API, and other APIs as well, to build exciting new applications.

How do they work?

Once you have developed your Service and deployed it to the Web you can register it at Sosius. You can configure a button for the service to appear on profiles or items. Further, it might only appear on certain item types. It's up to you. The main configuration info you need to provide is a Title, a Handle and a URL for where the service lives on the web.

A Service can be either Public or Private. If it is Private no one else will be able to subscribe to it. Added services will appear on the public Services page if Sosius deems them to be of a good enough standard to be listed publicly. Please contact us if you would like us to rate your service.

Sosius users will then be able to subscribe to your service. Once subscribed, they will then see the Services button on the appropriate pages. If they click the button, your app will be launched. Your app will have access to the member username and itemID in the querystring. It can then use this info to authenticate via OAuth to start using our API. You may want to read up on how to use OAuth if you are unfamiliar with it. See API and Oauth documentation.

In order to gain access to a user's content you must get an Access Token which will give you access to resources for a certain period of time. This is done by generating a request Token and then sending the user to an authentication page on the Sosius site where they will grant your Consumer access. You app is then given an Access Token which you can use to sign your requests to the API.

Further reading

Getting Started
An overview of how to set up a Demo Service. Covers the development, publishing and registering of the service.

Specifies the requests which need to be handled by a service.

Demo Service Code
Various implementations of the Demo Service.


We would love to hear your feedback on Services - good or bad. We take all feedback seriously and will attempt to rectify any bugs as soon as possible. Please use our Services feedback form to send us a message.