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Sosius API (Beta)

Welcome to the Sosius API. The API provides a RESTful interface into many of the objects contained within the application. The API will allow you to read, edit, delete and create items and associated objects on which you have permissions. You will also be able to manage member properties and access the social graph through the API.

  • XHTML interface
    Start using the RESTful API immediately using the XHTML format. This format allows you to navigate around the API using hyperlinks. If you want to get a feel for what the API offers then this is your best starting point. You do not have to worry about authentication just now because your session will allow you to view your own area.
  • Documentation
    Includes full details of all methods and formats.


2009 03 17 Added additional properties (created, modifier, owner) to the APIlink data structure - see formats documentation

2009 01 21 It is now possible to include only a subset of the parameters in the request when performing edits.

2009 01 21 Added "/members/[username]/activity" collection - see methods documentation

2009 01 21 Added additional properties (type, subtype) to the Apilink data structure, removed "helper" values - see formats documentation

2008 03 04 "portlets" method and collection renamed to "widgets" - see methods documentation


2007 12 21 We are proud to announce the release of the alpha API. This is a first test release and is the culmination of several months work. The interface will most likely change as we add/remove features and fix bugs. During the alpha period we will upgrade the authentication mechanism from Basic to OAuth.

2008 02 20 The beta release has now been made available to the wider public. Anyone with an account (and a consumer key) can now use the API. We have implemented OAuth as the authentication mechanism. Basic authentication is now no longer available. During the beta phase we will attempt to keep the interface as stable as possible, although amendments may be made from time to time.