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A place for third party developers to find out about Open Sosius.

When we began building Sosius, we wanted it to be the world’s most flexible and extendable online collaboration, office, and networking tool. So we created it from the ground up with third party open access through a standard API.

If you're a developer (or if you know one) you can build your own server side or client applications so you can use Sosius in the way that you want to.

We call it OpenSosius. It currently comprises an API and an authentication mechanism. In the near future we will allow you to integrate your code right into Sosius via a services framework.


The Sosius API allows you to gain access to almost all of the objects stored within Sosius. None of your data is tied up in an information silo. You are able to read, edit, create, and delete all of the items in your workspace and any items you might have permissions on. Further, you can manage your profile and gain access to the social graph that is within Sosius.

The API is currently in Beta and we welcome your feedback. There may well be some tweaks made to the interfaces as we work any issues which might arise.

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OAuth Authentication

We have decided to allow access to the API via the newly created OAuth standard. In order to access the API you must therefore set your app up up as a Consumer of the Sosius API.

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Services allow you to add functionality to items and member profiles. Once a service has been added to the app by a developer such as yourself and then selected by the user, a button will appear on items and/or profiles which will launch the Service in a new window. Services can then make use of the Sosius API to do all kinds of interesting things.

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We would love to hear your feedback on the API and OAuth - good or bad. We take all feedback seriously and will attempt to recitify any bugs as soon as possible. Please use our API feedback form to send us a message.