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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

OpenSosius Services Launched!

We're proud to announce the launch of OpenSosius Services, a third party services and applications platform. Sosius is now positioned to provide end users with access to an unlimited number of leading online applications and services from one single platform.

OpenSosius Services connects data from Sosius with other applications and services across the web. It extends the benefits of the Sosius platform to companies, developers and non-developers alike by allowing them to integrate applications and services directly into Sosius. The result is a complete, custom enterprise-grade solution for SMBs.

The addition of third party services increases the breadth and depth of the Sosius suite, creating a single access point for valuable online business applications. Sosius users can now access numerous flexible business applications directly from their Sosius workspaces.

Complementary to Sosius’ robust collaboration and networking functionality, these new services enable our users to edit documents online, sign contracts electronically, create 3D slide shows and conduct web conferences. The first services to be made available within the Sosius platform are:

  • Zoho Writer – allows users to easily edit documents online directly from their Sosius workspaces
  • Zoho Spreadsheet – allows users to edit spreadsheets online directly from their Sosius workspaces
  • EchoSign (e-signature) – users can send documents directly from Sosius to be signed electronically
  • PicLens (slideshow) –users can now launch a PicLens slideshow directly from their Sosius workspaces
  • DimDim (web conferencing) – users can instantly launch free DimDim web conferences with a single sign-on to any Sosius workspace

To learn more about OpenSosius Services and how you can develop applications for Sosius, visit:

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Friday, May 23, 2008

Introducing the Sosius Navigator

You may have noticed that we've been on a roll with UI improvements - from minor tweaks to major new features. Today I'm pleased to announce the release of the Sosius Navigator - a terrific new UI element that adds tremendous usability to the site.

The Sosius Navigator shows you where you are and helps you quickly jump to any section of your workspace. It also lets you see who is sharing your workspace and tells you who in your network is currently online. There's even a section where you can add tags to workspace pages in a matter of seconds. Best of all, it's customizable - you can expand/collapse and add/remove the different parts to fit the way you work.

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Monday, May 12, 2008

New Custom Branding Features!

We recently updated our UI to improve the look and feel of Sosius. We also added a feature that has been in high demand - branding! All of our new upgrade options come complete with tools that let you customize your Sosius site by adding your company logo, selecting a pre-set color scheme or creating your own custom color scheme to match your company colors.

You can view a demonstration that shows how you can customize your Sosius site with a custom color scheme and company logo.

Check out our new plans that offer branding and other features such as increased storage and bandwidth.

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Monday, May 5, 2008

We're Out of Beta!

Today is a very exciting day here at Sosius. We are officially out of beta! Since our launch at Web 2.0 last September, we have made some major upgrades to the service - including our API, ExpertFinder, Import Contacts, Group Dashboard and Tags - and grown our member base to well over 10,000 users. We are now ready to bring a new era of enterprise-grade collaboration and business social networking tools to small and medium-sized organizations, teams, groups and individuals.

Starting today, all Sosius users have the option to upgrade their accounts with additional storage and bandwidth, SSL and other premium features. Our bundled packages and custom "a la carte" features menu provides an easy and flexible way for users to customize Sosius to meet their business needs.

As always, we are committed to making Sosius available to everyone. So, we will continue to offer a fully-functional free version of Sosius, with 200MB of storage and an unlimited number of users and workspaces.

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Friday, April 11, 2008

Speak to your Sosius blog with SpinVox

I've just discovered a great tool to use with Sosius called SpinVox. It's a free service that allows you to update your blog by speaking. You get a free telephone number to call and your voice gets translated to text. Now you can speak your mind and have the text sent directly to your Sosius blog!

Here's how to set it up:

  1. Create a blog on Sosius - let's call it 'Notes'
  2. In the 'Notes' blog, click 'Edit details' and choose an email address for the blog (you will find this feature at the bottom of the page)
  3. Make a note of the email address you created for your blog
  4. Go to and create a free account, choosing the 'blog' option of use
  5. Complete the form, entering in the Sosius blog email address you created
  6. Go to the 'My Account' page on Sosius and select 'Edit email' and add in "" as an alternative email.
  7. You'll get an email from SpinVox with the number you need to call to update your Sosius blog
Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Thursday, April 10, 2008

HTML Editor

We have recently upgraded the HTML editor used on our site. This is a major upgrade of a third party component which includes many new features. Some of the more notable new features include: the specification of font types and sizes, emotions, text and background colours, layers, change tracking, printing and dynamic resizing of text boxes. We hope that these new features will allow you to create richer HTML content in a more pleasurable way.

Posted by michael.dishon
Saturday, March 8, 2008


We have recently added support for two internet standards: XHTML Friends Network (XFN) and Friend of a Friend (FOAF). Your profile and network pages have been updated to include these two new features. XFN and FOAF work together to publish in a machine readable way (i) who you are connected to and (ii) details about yourself. In both cases we respect the privacy settings in your account so that only information you have declared to be public will be published.

XFN is a simple way to represent human relationships using hyperlinks. Any links in your Sosius profile to contacts in your network will be marked up with a XFN tag. This will allow other applications to determine who you are connected to. This information will only be made available to outsiders if you have set you Network privacy to "Public".

FOAF is a simple vocabulary for describing yourself and your social network. It is designed to be machine-readable so web applications and other software can discover information about you and your activities and connections. Once again, we only show information that is already publicly available in your profile. If you look to the bottom of your profile page you will see a FOAF icon which is a link to your FOAF file.

Posted by murray.woodman
Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Introducing OpenSosius

When we first launched Sosius, we made a commitment to create a community of users who would partner with us to build the world's most flexible and extendable online collaboration and business social networking solution.  For the past several months, we have been working round the clock to develop the most essential tool for making this happen - an API that we call 'OpenSosius.'

With 'OpenSosius', developers can now build custom online and desktop applications on the Sosius platform. What's more, we'll soon be launching a way for developers to make their custom applications available to all Sosius members, as either shareware or premium services.

I am very excited about this release and cannot wait to see what nifty applications our users come up with.

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Monday, February 18, 2008

Groups Get a Dashboard

We have recently expanded the capabilities of our widgets system. Widgets can now be display on Group homepages as well as Item pages and your Dashboard. We have restrospectively upgraded all of your groups to show a standard set of widgets:

  • group members: lists the members in the group
  • shared items: which items have been shared to the group
  • latest items: the latest content to be added or editing in the group.

These three widgets will help you keep abreast of all that is going on in the group.

Furthermore, if you own the group then you can customise the widgets to better suit your requirements: change their formats, ordering or show more items. If you would rather that group members were not able to see who else is in the group - just remove it from the group homepage.

We think that these changes will make groups much more useful to you.

Posted by andrew.cameron-webb
Thursday, January 3, 2008

Import Contacts

You have always been able to invite members by manually entering their email address. Now the process is much easier because you are able to import your contacts from an online email account such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo. All you have to do is go to you "Network" page and then click on the "Import" button. You will then be able to enter your credentials for your email account provider. This will return you a list of all your contacts. The next step in the process is to select which contacts you wish to invite into your network.
Posted by murray.woodman

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