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We have recently added support for two internet standards: XHTML Friends Network (XFN) and Friend of a Friend (FOAF). Your profile and network pages have been updated to include these two new features. XFN and FOAF work together to publish in a machine readable way (i) who you are connected to and (ii) details about yourself. In both cases we respect the privacy settings in your account so that only information you have declared to be public will be published.

XFN is a simple way to represent human relationships using hyperlinks. Any links in your Sosius profile to contacts in your network will be marked up with a XFN tag. This will allow other applications to determine who you are connected to. This information will only be made available to outsiders if you have set you Network privacy to "Public".

FOAF is a simple vocabulary for describing yourself and your social network. It is designed to be machine-readable so web applications and other software can discover information about you and your activities and connections. Once again, we only show information that is already publicly available in your profile. If you look to the bottom of your profile page you will see a FOAF icon which is a link to your FOAF file.