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Sosius helps TEG ensure the way forward with organic waste

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The TEG Group plc is a specialist green technology company offering tailored organic waste solutions throughout the UK.

Sosius provides a collaboration platform that is at the same time easy-to-use and flexible enough to deliver the demands of both the Design and Build sides of TEG’s business. Enterprise standard access management, real-time notifications and mobile compatibility ensure that all the right information is at all the right participants’ fingertips at the right time whether they are in the office or onsite.

Having used a generic version of the Sosius platform for several years, TEG decided to produce a custom application to meet the specific needs of their Design and Build teams for a new project in Dagenham. Ubiquitous access to the design information immediately made the tender process more efficient, and improved the effectiveness of all onsite contractors. Calls to TEG Head Office in Preston have been dramatically reduced and long on-site delays have been eradicated.

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