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Share your Sosius files and more on Twitter

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At Sosius we are big fans of Twitter, so we started to think wouldn't it be great if every time we posted a new blog entry or answered a help center question Sosius would automatically update our twitter account with the details. Using our open API services architecture (which allows developers to integrate third party applications or services within Sosius) we built a service to do just that.

Twitter homepage

Today we're really excited to release into beta the new Sosius service 'Post to Twitter'. Once added to your Sosius account this service will post a tweet to your twitter account with a link to any files, events, polls, etc.. you create that are publicly available.

Follow these steps to setup twitter posting on Sosius.

1. Sign into Sosius
2. Go to ‘My Account’ and scroll down to the ‘Services’ section and click on ‘All Services’.
3. On the ‘All Services’ page add the ‘Post to Twitter’ service.
4. Authenticate with your twitter account.
5. Now create a folder in your workspace, and in the sharing panel click ‘Manage’.
6. On the manage permissions page click the ‘Add Public’ button and then scroll down and give public ‘view’ permissions.
7. Now anytime you create new content in this folder Sosius will automatically post a tweet with a link to the item.

We welcome all comments and feedback.