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Save your Tasks as reusable Projects

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We know it's a pain having to recreate your tasks each time you start a new project, with our new project saving feature you won't have to. You can now save your different projects for reuse simply by clicking 'Save as application' in the options menu on any project you own. These saved project applications can then be shared with other company members and incorporated into their own project workspaces. When you load a project application you are given the option to reset the task start date and other task properties.

  • Save a project's tasks as a application
  • Share the saved projects with your team
  • Reset the tasks properties inline with the new task criteria

To save a project click on the options button on the project and select 'Save as application' fill out the details and submit the application to your companies Solution Center for approval by your company administrator. Applications can be share with everyone in your company or for select people.