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Real-time Chat

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Feature Overview
Chat Session
Sosius's chat allows you to instantly communicate with members, partners and other users on your company platform.

  • Works in real time
  • Chat with a single user, multiple users, or with a group
  • Add members to an existing chat
  • Ability to select online and offline users
  • Offline users will see updates upon next login

How Does it Work?

Chat Notification
The grey bar by default reflects the number of online users. Clicking on the bar enables you to select a user you would like to start chatting with.

If the grey bar isn't visible you can turn it on by going to Profile & Settings - > Edit Details - > Enable Chat, or if you are part of a company account then please contact your company administrator to turn this feature on. Company Administrators can enable the chat company wide by going to Profile & Settings -> Company Managements, including the option to override this feature for individual company members.

How do I start a chat?
  • Through the Chat bar on the bottom right of your browser
  • Within a workspace, via the network online panel on the left side of the page
  • On a user's profile page. A chat button will be visible if the user is online
Who's online/offline?
  • Online users are indicated by a darker grey coloured font
  • When a user is offline, this font turns to a lighter shade of grey

The Options Menu

Chat Options
Clicking on the grey bar brings up the Options area where advanced chat features can be found.

Start a chat
Use this to start a group chat as a multi or group conversation
  • Multi Conversation - Select members to add to a chat. Member list here shows online and offline members. Offline members will receive messages upon Login to Sosius.
  • Group Conversation - Select a group to have a conversation with. Groups here refer to groups that have already been created under the Company Administrator account.
Previous chats
Show a list of previously held conversations. Please note that conversations already open in the grey tabs will not appear here.

Close all windows
Instantly remove the previous/existing chats from the bottom of the browser. This will not delete chats, but simply remove them from your view.

Play sounds
Turn the sound notification On or Off. When Sound is turned On, it will be played when messages are sent or received.

Other Features

  • Conversations can be reordered by dragging the grey tabs around.
  • Remove individual conversations by clicking on the x next to the grey tab.
  • Clicking on the arrow on the top left of a chat window minimizes the window.