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OpenSosius Services Launched!

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We're proud to announce the launch of OpenSosius Services, a third party services and applications platform. Sosius is now positioned to provide end users with access to an unlimited number of leading online applications and services from one single platform.

OpenSosius Services connects data from Sosius with other applications and services across the web. It extends the benefits of the Sosius platform to companies, developers and non-developers alike by allowing them to integrate applications and services directly into Sosius. The result is a complete, custom enterprise-grade solution for SMBs.

The addition of third party services increases the breadth and depth of the Sosius suite, creating a single access point for valuable online business applications. Sosius users can now access numerous flexible business applications directly from their Sosius workspaces.

Complementary to Sosius’ robust collaboration and networking functionality, these new services enable our users to edit documents online, sign contracts electronically, create 3D slide shows and conduct web conferences. The first services to be made available within the Sosius platform are:

  • Zoho Writer – allows users to easily edit documents online directly from their Sosius workspaces
  • Zoho Spreadsheet – allows users to edit spreadsheets online directly from their Sosius workspaces
  • EchoSign (e-signature) – users can send documents directly from Sosius to be signed electronically
  • PicLens (slideshow) –users can now launch a PicLens slideshow directly from their Sosius workspaces
  • DimDim (web conferencing) – users can instantly launch free DimDim web conferences with a single sign-on to any Sosius workspace

To learn more about OpenSosius Services and how you can develop applications for Sosius, visit: