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New Management Features

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We've introduced a raft of new features to help account administrators mange their company members more effectively.

  • Workspaces only - provide a simple view of Sosius for members who don't need the full featured version. This option hides the Dashboard, People, Profiles & Settings pages
  • Set Members Home Page - you can now set the home path (the location users are redirected to after they login) for members either company wide or individually
  • Security Update - email notifications are sent to the account owner when a direct access share is created/modified by other users
  • Member Management - the members edit profile page now includes check boxes for group management
  • Security - company members cannot remove their network connection with their company administrator
  • Layout - the 'Items shared to me' workspace widget is suppress if company only sharing or company only workspace is set for the member
  • Permissions - pending company members are displayed in the company admins permission selection list
  • Permissions - direct access shares listed under 'Profile & Settings' show all direct access shares beneath the account

To view these new features go to 'Profile & Settings' > 'Company Management'