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New Company Management Dashboard

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This is an enterprise feature of our product that we are now making available to all types of 'Business' accounts on Sosius. The company management dashboard (My Account > Employee Management) allows you to secure users and manage their accounts from one centralized location.

Company Managment Dashboard

Some of the features include

Password Strength - Set Members password strength

Max Password Age - Member must change password every x days.

Restrict Workspace - Members do not have their own personal workspace and are unable to create their own groups. When a member clicks on workspace or groups, they are automatically directed to the company workspace or groups page.

Restrict Networking - Members can only perform network searches on other members in the Company group. Members can only network with other members in the Company Group. Members cannot invite other members into Sosius.

Opt-out of Marketing - Members of the Company Group do not receive Sosius Marketing emails. This includes getting started tips and newsletters.

Force SSL - Anyone browsing your workspace is forced to use SSL, they are redirected if required.

Permissions checker - Search for any member across all your workspaces and change their permissions in one click or remove from all groups and workspace in the company account.