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Maximising the contribution of higher education to society and the economy

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As the representative body for seven universities, the IUA ensures that over 200 senior managers from University Presidents to librarians, the research community, communications officers, International managers, registrars, HR directors, Deans and many more groups across all university life can stay connected.

The IUA required an extranet solution that could pull all archived and current data into a central location, allow access to all IUA members from all university locations, ensure mobile access whilst travelling abroad, allowing government agencies and contractors to be invited into the system for ad hoc projects and ensure that all documentation would be easy for everyone to download, and if required make and track changes as a collaborative group.

The primary concern was making life easier for its members; by providing a well organised platform that everyone could use, it would ensure their continued reputation as facilitators for collaborative work.

By having a collaboration platform in place, the IUA has more control, tighter security policies in place and they have seen a lightened load on the administration team. With one central extranet repository there is a noticeable reduction in documentation going missing, easy-to-find archived and current information and materials and enhanced productivity and member satisfaction.

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