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Listening to Our Users

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When we launched Sosius, we made a commitment to you, our users, to take your feedback seriously and we do.  In fact, just days after the Office 2.0 show, we were contacted by a woman who complained that while our suite is wonderfully robust and easy to use, the registration’s security process was inaccessible to  blind people.  Well, we immediately took her comments to heart and made some changes.  Here's what she had to say:

"There is truly some justice in the world! The developers at Sosius, the inaccessible website I ranted about in my last posting, has taken my concerns about accessibility to heart. Two days after my initial experience with them they have added a number of new features which now make the site accessible to both sighted as well as blind users."  -bostonmargy

To read her full posting, please go to: